Android Apps on Windows 11 Are Getting Even Better

Windows 11 wallpaper with Android robot.

The Windows Subsystem for Android was introduced alongside Windows 11, allowing Android apps and games to run on PCs through a special virtual machine. Microsoft is now testing more improvements for the layer.

Microsoft is rolling out version 2301.40000.4.0 of the Windows Subsystem for Android, or WSA for short, to all Windows Insider channels. It improves audio input latency and reliability for Android apps, and camera apps now have access to all available metadata provided by your PC’s camera — potentially boosting image quality in some cases. Zooming out using the touchpad or mouse also works better now, and Microsoft has integrated the latest Chromium and security updates.

Most importantly, Microsoft has improved framerate performance, providing a boost of “10%-20% on ARM and 40%-50% on x64.” That should help every app feel a bit more smooth, but games might benefit the most.

It’s not clear when the new WSA version will roll out to everyone. Microsoft started testing Android 13 in all Windows Insider channels back in January, but PCs outside of the Insider program are still running WSA based on Android 12.1/12L.

Source: Windows Blog

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