Proton Finally Launches Its Password Manager

Illustration of Proton Pass generating and storing new passwords

After a swift two-month wait, Proton Pass is now available. This password manager feature end-to-end encryption, it comes in free and paid flavors, and importantly, it integrates with Proton’s suite of privacy-focused apps.

Password managers are fairly straightforward. They allow you to generate and store unique passwords on the fly. You can access these passwords from all of your devices, and for added convenience, password managers will auto-fill your information when you need to log into a website or app.

Proton Pass fulfills these basic tasks. But it can also store and auto-fill your credit card information, it can encrypt notes or documents, it can generate 2FA codes, and it can generate “alias” email addresses that prevent a website from obtaining your real email address.

Of course, Proton Pass is still a bit green. It isn’t as robust as 1Password or other competitors, and it still lacks a dedicated desktop app (you’re stuck with a desktop browser extension and a mobile app). But Proton Pass features end-to-end encryption, it’s independently audited, and the free tier can store an unlimited number of passwords. Not bad at all.

I imagine that Proton Pass will be quite popular, especially among those who use Proton Mail. And, of course, the paid version of Proton Pass is included in the Proton Family Plan. Bear in mind that the Proton Pass free tier is probably a very good alternative to LastPass, especially after this year’s LastPass controversies.

Source: Proton

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