Windows 11 Could Control RGB Accessories Without Additional Software

A desktop PC running Windows 11 with some RGB accessories.

A flag in the latest Windows Insider Preview Build (25295) adds RGB lighting controls to the operating system’s settings. This feature could reduce the need for standalone RGB software like Corsair iCue and Razer Chroma, but only if it receives support from RGB lighting brands.

The new “lighting” controls are pretty rudimentary. They let you adjust RGB brightness, color, effects, and animation speed. Plus, you can match RGB colors to your Windows theme. But that’s about it—this feature still has plenty of room to grow.

Screenshots of the new controls were shared on Twitter by Albacore, who also tracked down the original specs from 2018. It appears that these native “lighting” controls were first developed (and shelved) during the Windows 10 era. Interestingly, the spec mentions three forms of RGB peripheral—external accessories (mice, keyboards, headsets), internal devices (RAM sticks, CPU fans), and “light bulbs.” We hope that this is a reference to smart lighting products; brands like Govee already offer RGB support with software like Razer Chroma.

Of course, dedicated RGB control software is some very complicated stuff. Microsoft will need to work hard to compete with existing solutions, and realistically, it will need support from RGB peripheral brands to get the job done.

Again, these built-in RGB controls are hidden behind a flag in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview release. There’s no guarantee that this feature will ever ship to ordinary users, and if it does, it may fail to match the quality of third-party solutions.

Source: Albacore

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