Not Getting What You Want From 1 Person?

You may not always get what you want from who you want it from, but you will always get what you need

Read that again. Sit with it for a second.

I remember the first time I heard this quote, and it instantly impacted me. In fact, it’s changed my perspective (for the better) on numerous occasions since.

Are you waiting for that one person to say something what you have wanted to hear for a while?

Are you waiting for someone to act in a certain way that you’ve always wanted him or her to?

Do you have a coach, or a training partner, that you want just a little bit more from?

Is there someone in your life who you place a LOT of expectations on, and he or she is always coming up short in your eyes?

Might you be so focused on what you’re not getting from someone, that you’re unable to recognize what you already are getting from someone else?

Let me ask that a different way…

Are you constantly upset by what someone isn’t giving you, when someone else is providing that for you already?

We can get hyper-focused on what we want, and who we want it from. I know, I’ve been there and I do it too. Therefore, we may often feel disappointed when that person just doesn’t get seem to get it. That person just doesn’t give us what we want, when we want it, exactly the way we imagined.

It becomes frustrating, then exhausting and often builds towards resentment.

Look around at all that you are receiving and what you do have. It may surprise you when you realize it’s not who you originally thought it would be from.

Consider what you’re already getting from other relationships, and you might find that you’ve been under appreciating that all along.

Bottom Line? Keep yourself open to receiving gifts, love, appreciation, encouragement, coaching and support from anyone who is willing to give it to you. There’s a high probability that it’s not going to be coming from who you had originally wanted it to come from. But, it’s much better to recognize how much you’re already receiving, then to continue to focus on what you don’t yet have.


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