Fast Food Restaurant Employees Share 50 Items You Should Never Order

Whether you’re in the mood for a fast and delicious meal, or just willing to settle for high caloric and low budget food that also happens to be in close proximity, fast-food chains are often the go-to. These types of restaurants have become a staple and are practically associated with the American cuisine experience it’s pretty much part of the culture at this point.

Despite their ever-growing popularity, these companies have not always been known for having the greatest respect for hygiene and quality of ingredients. A few months ago, an interesting thread opened on Reddit, detailing some of the horrors you might find behind the scenes in these kinds of chains. What makes this much cooler is that these are actual employees of these chains that have opened up about the worst orders you could possibly make in their place of business.

Prepared to be horrified as these employees reveal to you exactly what foods you should be avoiding at your favorite fast-food restaurants. So, buckle up and let’s get right into it.

Note: the claims in this article were taken from a public forum and are not intended to be presented as factual statements, we recommend strongly to take them with a grain of salt.

Wendy’s Chili

Although Wendy’s isn’t quite as popular as it used to be in previous years, the international fast food chain claims to use only “fresh and never frozen beef” in their various meals. Unfortunately, we’ve heard some contrary claims on Reddit from people who say they used to work at the chain.

One of the most damning allegations came from a former employee who said that the chili at Wendy’s is just overcooked beef that’s sometimes frozen for up to seven days before being thrown out. We obviously hope this claim turns out to be false, but be wary that there’s a chance your next meal at Wendy’s is not quite as fresh as the company likes to boast.

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