Are You “Tough” Enough?

Are You “Tough” Enough?


Are you under the misconception that it is “cool” or “tough” to do more and train more than anyone else you know?

  • If you’re a competitive athlete, you may always be trying to do more than your competition. You may think that you have to put in more training hours and spend more time reading about and studying CrossFit.
  • If you’re a go-getter who is focused on achieving your fitness goals, you might think you are tough if you take on more than the average person. You may be trying to prove that you can do more than anyone you know and are constantly on a mission to “get stuff done”.
  • You are not getting better, or “tougher”, by doing more. More, often isn’t the answer. High quality, focused training sessions will help you improve. Having a strong purpose and staying balanced will make you better.

Sure, you need to work your ass off to be your best. But, constantly thinking that you “need to do more” to “prove you’re a badass” and that you “can take on anything”, can easily turn ugly. Be careful with that mentality. Strength comes from seeking purpose, balance and overcoming obstacles (in your training and life). That might mean you slow down and do less in order to really take a look at what you need to face to improve.



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