Duet Display for iPad adopts hardware acceleration, now recognized as a true external display by macOS

Duet Display has been a good option for users looking to leverage their iPad as a second screen with macOS. However, some users have experienced latency issues. Now, with a free software update and the latest macOS version, Duet Display says it is able to use hardware acceleration for a smooth and fast experience and is now seen as a true external display in macOS.

Duet Display announced the news on Twitter today as Apple released macOS 10.14.2. The major improvement is free for all existing Duet Display users with the latest version of the app for Mac and iPad.

We are excited to announce a breakthrough.

As of macOS 10.14.2+ & duet v2.0.3.8+, Duet Display is now fully hardware accelerated, making the fastest way to turn your iPad into a second display even faster. 100% free update at duetdisplay.com

Duet Display’s last comment claiming it’s the fastest way to use iPad as a second display is pointed toward its competitor Luna Display that leverages two small dongles (hands-on look)to offer a smooth, low-latency experience.

Notably, if Duet Display’s latest update does indeed offer the performance the company claims, it is a more affordable option that Luna Display. Duet Display is currently on sale for $10 (regularly $25) and also offers a subscription option from $2/month. Luna Display runs $80 for its hardware based solution.

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